In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King:

“Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last!”

For a team that has lost precisely seventy-five percent of their playoff meetings to date, defeating the Montreal Canadiens in four consecutive games this year is nothing short of enigmatic emancipation for the Boston Bruins.

In habitual, tactless Montreal fashion, prior to game three as the series moved to the Bell Centre, loud derision and jeering were easily audible from the capacity crowd during the singing of the American National Anthem. Once again, the Quebecois collective fail to realize that without our allegiance to the United States, Canada would be little more than a third world nation raped by every global power that wished to have its way with us. Pitifully, the same, ignorant taunting was already denounced in March 2003 when a sellout crowd of 21,273 at Montreal loudly booed throughout The Star Spangled Banner before being handed a 6-3 loss by the New York Islanders.

Make no mistake folks: Patriotism is one thing; blatant disrespect for your ally in all matters is another thing entirely. As Boston’s star goaltender Tim Thomas said in a recent postgame interview: “Being an American I try not to let it affect me…But I thought once Obama was elected that sort of immaturity would stop.”

Like many Boston supporters, I consider this monumental victory comparable to winning
Hockey’s Holy Grail, the Stanley Cup.

In the end, I wish to offer my congratulations to the Montreal Canadiens’ laughable, pathetic tribute to this, their centennial season. What a fine celebration indeed: Being outscored 17-6 and eliminated in four successive games after barely qualifying for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Adding insult to injury was Michael Ryder, a former Montreal player deemed unfit to extend his stay with the Canadiens, but capable of tallying three points in the deciding game for Boston.

Aux Fans de les Montreal Canadiens Je Dit: “Mange Merde!”

August Says:   Indicative of the grossly overrated athlete he is, Montreal’s Carey Price showed with remarkable clarity his significant immaturity and inexperience during a press conference one day after elimination:

“It’s a great place to play when things are going well, but it’s not so much fun when things are rough. It’s not a situation that I’m used to…I’ve never been in something like this before, where I was getting harassed in my own rink.”

Carey, you made it all the way to the NHL to play in the professional Hockey Mecca of Montreal for millions of dollars, and you have never been heckled or harassed in your home rink? What the fuck are you saying, you overpaid, overvalued amateur? Who was holding your hand and telling you that everything would be all right until now? It’s time to grow up and realize that professional sport was never supposed to be a slow ride to Grandma’s house. Do you remember time-honoured expressions such as “It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game” and “Winning isn’t everything”? As you are no longer a toddler, these expressions no longer apply. Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser. What did you expect, you hopeless halfwit?

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