Au-gust: adjective 1. Inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic: an august performance. 2. Venerable; eminent: an august personage. (Source:

The Four-Eleven: August Donnelly is an Artist and Philosopher from London, Ontario Equidistant between Detroit and Toronto. Born the 25th of August, an affinity for elements of Blues, Classical and Hip-Hop music inspired this Artist from an early age. Although he may be considered an emblematic academic, August became a proficient musician at a young age through self-instruction. From early adulthood, resolute and sometimes problematic ambition allowed for ample luxuries and diversions. August spent years immersing himself in euphonious and literary works - A great deal being of an esoteric nature. Authors such as Morley Callaghan, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and the satirical writings of Voltaire greatly influenced him, while a musical predilection ranging from A Tribe Called Quest to Beethoven yield his distinctive style both in live and recorded performance. As an Artist, August examines many aspects of life, especially the satirical and appears as the host of Full Frontal on CHRW 94.9 FM Radio. Some of his writing can be viewed in his episodic narrative entitled The Grind through this official site. Also available is The Graphs, a gallery depicting a variety of significant and sequestered locations. Click on the corresponding link below to visit each August Donnelly exhibition. Visit anytime to examine the man, his work and a life in media.

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