“I may live in sin, but I will never live in servitude.”

– August Donnelly

“It seems that hope is suitable for people with an absence of ability, and an abundance of patience.”

– August Donnelly

“I'm not a visual artist at all. My drawings look like shit, but I know a blind man would be happy to see them.”

– August Donnelly

“Life is the strangest experience I've ever had.”

– August Donnelly

“Time is the most precious thing we have. Once it's gone, you can't buy it back.”

– August Donnelly


(Interview Taken from January 2010 Issue of Play Magazine)

Play: What is Your Nationality?

August: I Am a Proud Canadian!

Play: Where Do You Call Home?

August: Although I Have Lived in Several Places, Beautiful London, Ontario Will Always Be My Home.

Play: What is Your Astrological Sign?

August: I'm a Prototypical Virgo, Through and Through. (Laughs)

Play: How Tall Are You?

August: I Stand Exactly 6'0". Not an Inch Shorter or Taller.

Play: We Know You Enjoy Playing Sports and Weightlifting - What Do You Weigh?

August: My Weight Varies, But I Am Usually in the Range of 215 to 220 lbs.

Play: What Do You Think is the Most You Have Ever Weighed?

August: (Laughs) Too Much! According to My Doctor I Tipped the Scales at 235 lbs. After Christmas Last Year. Apparently I'd Had Too Much Food and/or Beer...

Play: Back to Sports - Who is/are Your Favorite Sports Team(s)?

August: That's a Joke, Right? (Laughs) Ask Anyone Who Knows Me: Since Birth it's Been the Boston Bruins and the Boston Red Sox All the Way!

Play: What is Your Worst Habit?

August: Oh...It's Bad. It's a Borderline Sin Nowadays. I Admit, Though I Very Rarely Do Indulge, that I Do Enjoy a Cigarette Now and Then.

Play: Chocolate or Vanilla?

August: Devon Custard.

Play: David Letterman or Jay Leno?

August: Letterman Hands Down. I Still Remember Being About 4 Years Old, Sitting on My Dad's Knee Watching Late Night After 11 PM Because I Refused to Go to Bed.

Play: What is Your Favorite Beverage or Drink?

August: Hmmm...Can I Give You My Top 3? Chocolate Milk, Vitamin Water...and Beer!

Play: What Are You Most Proud Of?

August: I Would Have to Say Having Some of the Best Family and Friends a Person Could Wish to Have. Cheesy, I Know, But True.

Play: What Are You Most Ashamed Of?

August: To Be Honest, I Don't Really Carry Much Guilt or Shame with Me. I Have Made Some Grave Errors in Judgment and Poor Choices, Sure, But Who Hasn't? Would I Change a Few Things? Of Course. Hindsight is 20/20 After All. But Shame? I Have Nothing to Be Ashamed of.

Play: What Are You Most Afraid Of?

August: Death. Not Because I Necessarily Think it Will Be Painful or Malevolent Per Se, But Because it's a Fear of the Unknown. I Love Life and its Experiences Far Too Much to Trade Them for What May, or More Importantly, May Not Lie Behind Door Number 2...

Play: Do You Have Any Hobbies?

August: Yes. One-Card Monte. I've Become Quite Proficient at it Too...(Laughs) Seriously Though, I Tend to Read a Fair Bit and, Nerdy as it May Be, I've Collected Vintage Sports Memorabilia for a Long, Long Time.

Play: What Book Are You Reading Right Now?

August: Oh...I'm Sorry. Is that Rude of Me? I Can Put the Book Down Until You're Done with the Interview...(Laughs) Well, Right Now I'm Not Reading Anything Because You Keep Interrupting, But at Home I'm Re-Reading Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. It's a Great Deal to Absorb the First Time Through. After that, I Plan on Reading Keith Richards' Autobiography Life.

Play: What is or Was Your Most Prized Possession?

August: Aside From My Health, this May Sound Odd Given All I Could Choose From Over the Years, But I Would Have to Say the Autographed Photo that Wendy Richard Took the Time to Send Me Shortly Before She Passed Away. She Was a Truly Beautiful, Talented and Thoughtful Lady in Her Time, and the World is a Lesser Place Without Her.

Play: What Would You Most Like to Be Remembered for?

August: I Would Have to Say for Being Fiercely Loyal to My Family and Friends, and for Having a Good Sense of Humor, with the Ability to Look for the Ridiculous in All Things, and Find it.

Play: In Your Opinion, Who Said it Best?

August: Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Said: “Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People.”

Play: If You Could Be Granted One Wish Right Now, What Would it Be?

August: A Five Minute Break? I'm Dying for a Pee...

Aside from His Own Publications, August Donnelly is Also a Regular Contributor to Many Online Editorials, Reader Polls and Sources Such as The Sports Network,

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